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At DTS Aviation, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of the aviation industry. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in our wide array of services, including on-site repair, equipment refurbishment, along with operational and maintenance training programs.

Onsite Repair: Understanding the urgency and importance of maintaining operational efficiency, DTS Aviation offers exceptional on-site repair services for refueling systems. Whether you are based domestically or internationally, our skilled service technicians are prepared to travel to your location promptly, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. In addition to immediate repair needs, we also provide custom preventative maintenance programs, aimed at keeping your fleet in optimal working condition. These programs are an integral part of our commitment to extend the lifespan and reliability of your aviation equipment.

Refurbishment: At DTS, we believe in providing economical yet high-quality solutions. Our extensive refurbishment program is tailored to meet your specific requirements, offering a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. The process involves a comprehensive major overhaul, including extensive mechanical servicing, the integration of new safety technology, and a thorough evaluation of all fueling components. Our approach guarantees that refurbished equipment meets the same standards of excellence as our new products, ensuring reliability and “like new” performance.

Refueler Equipment and Training: As a full-service manufacturer, DTS specializes in high-quality aviation refueling equipment that encompasses the latest industry innovations. Our product line includes both newly manufactured and expertly refurbished used refueling equipment, ensuring a range of options to suit different budgetary and operational needs. Furthermore, DTS Aviation is committed to empowering our clients through extensive training programs. These programs are designed to enhance operational efficiency, maintenance proficiency, and safety, covering all aspects of fuel handling incorporated with the latest in product integrity procedures.


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