When you requested a follow-up comment, I couldn't reply fast enough! When I sent the picture of our wrecked 10,000 gal. refueler, I was very skeptical if this work could even be done at the airport. Not only was the skirting and piping repaired on-site but your tech is amazing. He also spotted the paint which looks better than new!

Glad we were able to order our parts from you! The service was quick, you knew just what we needed and the parts were shipped same day!

Excellent service! Your tech solved every fuel truck issue we had in addition to the problems that we had initially called you about!

“Your team provided great advice which solved our problem over the phone with a simple pressure control valve adjustment (with no fix-it-over the phone charge!) I know I have found my new refueler repair company!”

“I have to tell you that your service was great and reasonably priced. I actually met your dad for the first time with us in a similar predicament over 10 years ago! Please tell Chris I said hello! I’m glad we found Dukes again!”

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