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“We guarantee every repair. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that your refueler has been repaired by experienced, professional technicians.”

Onsite Repair

DTS offers on-site repair and refueling systems for all clients, domestic and international. Our skilled service technicians are on call and ready to travel to you at a moments notice.

In addition to our on-site repairs, we offer a preventative maintenance program to keep your fleet in top working condition.


DTS’s extensive refurbishment program offers a variety of economical options tailored to meet your specific needs. Our complete refurbishment entails extensive mechanical service, installation of new technology and full evaluation of all fueling components.

Refueler Equipment and Training

Aviation Refueler Equipment and Training

DTS is a full-service manufacturer of high-quality aviation equipment. Our products utilize the latest innovative designs the industry has to offer.

Our line of used refueler equipment is refurbished following the same exact standards of excellence we apply to our newly manufactured products.

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